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Prepare for an advanced role at our company while you work full-time learning our business and growing your skills. We provide hands-on technical and leadership training with career guidance and mentorship over a 9-15 month period that will prepare you for a supervisory or technical career.

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Fast Track Your Career into a Leadership Role at empirical

Who We are Looking For

empirical is looking for young, goal-oriented college graduates with a desire to learn, be challenged, and integrate themselves into our culture and future. We provide experiential learning and talent development to develop leaders capable of maintaining and growing empirical’s leadership in our industry. The curriculum is designed to fast-track the careers of potential leaders through an intense rotational training program, in-depth exposure to business activities, and relevant experiences.

eMAAP Trainees Can Expect

  • A challenging 9–15 month program
  • A successful learning/working experience that develops young talent into successful leaders
  • Exposure to empirical processes, project work, and leadership opportunities
  • Mentorship and guidance
  • Honest, transparent, and ongoing communication
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Program Goals

  • Produce competent, knowledgeable, adept leaders within a fast-track learning system
  • Develop competencies that will prepare eMAAP Trainees for advanced roles
  • Equip trainees with fundamental job and/or business-related knowledge and skills
  • Nurture empirical’s celebrated values, winning mindset, and work behavior
  • Create successful career paths

Criteria for Acceptance

  • Relevant bachelor’s degree in anticipated area of work
  • Age: 25 years and under
  • GPA: 2.5+
  • Participation in any of the following activities: organizations, clubs, leadership positions, internships, or any relevant work experience

What They Have to Say

After my internship and college graduation, I was hired into the empirical Management Acceleration & Advancement Program. After completing the program, I transferred into a Center of the Plate specialist role, helping the sales team, meeting with their customers and explaining our process from the technical side. My role uses knowledge from my internship, my education at UNL, and all the training I gained in the eMAAP program. The management of this company finds or even creates a position that works best.

- Nevada, Former Management Trainee